About Us


The goals were simple: 1) To give people that wanted to hear the latest & greatest Desi & Bollywood Music along with the classics of the Indian Subcontinent a place to party, all in a space where people could be amongst and identify themselves. 2) To promote, and further the understanding and idealisms of Bollywood & Indian Music. Finally!! Desi Americans and those who love Hindi Remix – Bhangra – Hindi Pop – UK Bhangra & Fusion along with the best that Bollywood has to offer had a place of their own to dance at all while watching the latest Bollywood Movies & Videos on projection screens!

This website, like the party that spawned its genesis, is dedicated to all of those who love Indian and South Asian Bollywood Music. It is here to help promote the globalization of India, Bollywood, its music and culture. See, and share your pictures from our events, find out what’s going on at our weekly parties, book your birthday / large vip group reservation online, request a song, or play teen paathi……

Welcome to Bollywood Remix Events.com!